HIT - Heuristic Ideation Technique

The Heuristic Ideation Technique (HIT) is a way of generating new product-ideas that was developed and published in 1972 by marketing expert Edward Tauber. The technique allows you to quickly explore many combinations of attributes and enables you to systematically search for new product-ideas.

The technique uses a grid with heuristics (or rules of thumb) to quickly explore possibilities for new products. Playing this game often leads to unusual or surprising combinations. These become the seeds of new ideas.


This webapp exploits the H.I.T. concept for generating fresh ideas out of musical elements you provide. First you lookup some music via the provided soundcloud backed search engine, then for every piece you've selected you identify one or more musical elements (hooks).

Once you've collected 5 or more elements, you can start discovering combinations. You can keep combinations that seems promising or discard the boring and already existing ones, so that they won't be shown to you in the future.

Your musical elements and the combinations you've kept are stored here so that you can come back later to review them or to find new ones.